3-ply Shuttering Panels
For professional applications, perfect surfaces and a smooth finish of your concrete slab

rettenmeier® Formwork – a complete product range for the professional builder.
• 3-ply shuttering panels
• rettenmeier® P20 formwork beams

rettenmeier® Formwork – the name which stands for new, innovative quality products, which enrich the experience of living and working with that unique material, timber. For years now, ideas have been transformed into top-class products at the company’s site in Liptovský Hrádok. Our top priority in this has always been environmentally sound and state of the art production. This way, Rettenmeier has always adopted its responsibilities for future generations.

  3-ply shuttering panels for all purposes

With 3-ply shuttering panels from the rettenmeier® Formwork product line, the widest possible range of tasks and the most varied surface requirements can be met in an economical way at building sites both large and small. They are manufactured in “SELECT” quality for the most demanding work and in “STANDARD” for day-to-day applications.

The exclusive use of selected raw materials (spruce), kiln drying to 10 % ± 2 % moisture content and strict control during production guarantee durable 3-ply shuttering panels of consistent quality.

The specific panel construction results in a substantial improvement in dimensional stability and load-bearing capacity. This is why all specifications are manufactured with three layers laminated perpendicular to each other.
The outside layers are produced from edge-glued sheets. These prevent tension and warp of the panels and result in accurate, straight, and flat surfaces

smooth finish of concrete slab
best possible surface quality
resistant synthetic resin coating
  (hot application)
wide range of applications
usable for a long lifespan
high stability and very good load
  bearing capacity (longitudinal and
surface layers consist of edge-glued
  sheets assembled with only narrow
no tension, no warp
  (approx. 10% moisture content)
quality-controlled production
     Panel size
Width : 50 cm
Thicknesses : 21 mm / 27 mm
Lengths : 100 / 150 / 200 /
  250 / 300 cm
SELECT quality, 27 mm
Panel construction
7 / 13 / 7
absolutely flat
no warp
absolute dimensional stability
edge strips
egdes sealed waterproof
  (melamine resin)
sanded panel surfaces
panel colour yellow
edge seal grey
individual imprint on panel
  surface possible
for perfect, smooth concrete surfaces
suitable for production of visible
  concrete slabs (1-2 applications)
STANDARD quality, 27 mm
Panel construction 9 / 9 / 9
no warp
dimensional stability
edge strips
sealed edges
sanded panel surfaces
panel colour yellow
edge seals yellow
individual imprint on panel
  surface possible
STANDARD quality, 21 mm
Panel construction 7 / 7 / 7

(with/without edge protection)
exact dimension
edge strips
panel colour yellow [3]
edge seals yellow [3]
panel colour red [4]
edge seals red,
with edge protection [4]
individual imprint on
panel surface possible